There are lots of resources to support you with new ways of working. New resources are also being developed all the time - some of you have developed your own resources following training.

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See below for resources for:

  • Trauma informed practice

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    Resource Description
    VideoACE-Aware Nation Conference: One school’s story of building resilience – Nicky Murray, Headteacher A YouTube video for resilience building with families.
    Web PageBeacon House A website of resources understand trauma with some useful diagrams and short animations
    Web PageBlog: Trauma Informed response in relationship based practice, Danny Taggart A blog which considers the importance of trauma informed approaches through relationship practice.
    VideoBrené Brown on Empathy Short cartoon considering difference between empathy and sympathy.
    VideoHow childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime: Dr Nadine Burke Harris TED Talk focusing on the effect of repeated trauma on child development.
    Web PageNHS education for Scotland National Trauma Training Framework Practical guidance for organisations to develop a trauma-informed workforce.
    Web PageFile to be uploaded and included as a link New Ways of Working: Attachment Theory Refresher for Trauma Informed Practice. CAMHS, CWP.
    VideoNursing Times An article explaining ACEs and their impact with a trauma-informed care model.
    VideoOpening Doors: Trauma informed practice for the workforce An animation designed to be relevant to all children and young people workers.
    Web PageOptimus Education An article on using de-escalation techniques effectively
    Web PageRelias An article on the use of Trauma informed language.
    Web PageResearch in Practice (Requires an account) Research website with publications, blogs, webinars workshops in relation to trauma informed practice.
    Web PageRoom 241 A website with trauma informed articles search ‘Trauma’ for access to Trauma informed articles
    Document Size of Feelings A tool to allow children to externalise their thoughts and feelings.
    VideoSAMHSA Search ‘Trauma’ for access to a variety of radio and tv programmes.
    Video Teaching the Child on the Trauma Continuum. Betsy de Thierry. Grosvenor House Publishing Limited (6 Feb. 2015) This book explains the continuum of trauma. It explains how teachers can help children recover from trauma.
    Video The Child’s World, Third Edition: The Essential Guide to Assessing Vulnerable Children, Young People and their Families. Ian Howarth and Dendy Platt (Editor) Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 3 edition (6 Dec. 2018) This book provides information on assessing the needs and strengths of vulnerable children and their families.
    Video The Simple Guide to Child Trauma. Betsy de Thierry. Jessica Kingsley Publishers (21 Sept. 2016) This book focuses on children’s emotional and behavioural responses following trauma with strategies to aid recovery.
    VideoTeacher toolkit This blog looks at the impact of traumatic experiences on students, with practical approaches to improve educational outcomes.
    Video "The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity": Dr Nadine Burke Harris YouTube video explaining long term effects of childhood adversity and toxic stress.
    Video"The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma. Dr Nadine Harris: Bluebird; Main Market edition (22 Feb. 2018) This book looks at childhood adversity through a scientific and medical lens.
    VideoThe Paradox of Trauma Informed Care, Vicky Kelly TED Talk A TED talk on the increasing recognition of trauma and its impacts on children and the challenges for services.
    Video The Body Keeps the Score. Bessel van der Kolk :Penguin Random House USA Ex; Reprint edition (8 Sept. 2015) This book shows how trauma reshapes both body and brain, exploring new paths to brain recovery.
    Video The Boy who was Raised as a Dog Bruce D. Perry & Maia Szalavitz: Basic Books; 3rd Revised ed. edition (31 Aug. 2017) This book explains what happens to the brain when children are exposed to extreme stress and trauma.
    Video The Simple Guide to Understanding Shame in Children. Betsy de Thierry Jessica Kingsley Publishers (18 Oct. 2018) This guide provides advice and helps adults to boost children's self-esteem
    VideoTrauma Informed Policing A selection of videos demonstrating what Trauma informed policing looks like.
    Web PageTrauma Informed UK Schools: A website with on-line assessment tool for trauma informed practice.
    Web PageWave Trust A website about transforming local areas with trauma informed communities.
    Web PageSafehands thinking minds A training and consultancy website focused on trauma informed practice.
    Video Connecting Paradigms A trauma informed & Neurobiological Framework for Motivational Interviewing Implementation. Matthew S. Bennett 2017. ISBN 978152800850 Chapters 1-3 discuss Trauma, Human development and the brain.
    Video Healing the Hidden Hurts: transforming Attachment and Trauma Theory into Effective Practise with Families, Children and Adults. Caroline Archer,Charlotte Drury and Jude Hills. Jessica Kingsley Publishers (21 April 2015) This book provides a varied and expansive approach to explaining attachment theory.
    Web Page This website introduces the Trauma Recovery Model.
    Video Youtube video on how to support children who have experienced Trauma.
    Video Home page on you tube for Matthew Bennett who has produced a number of videos on Trauma.
  • Building resilience – mental health and emotional wellbeing

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    Resources for children and young people Description
    Web Page Child Mental Health Centre A training and development website for parents/professionals on children’s mental health.
    Web Page Cardiomyopathy the heart muscle charity: 5 Steps to emotional wellbeing A website introduction to emotional well being and mental health
    Web Page An educational psychology led website for emotional wellbeing of children and young people.
    Web Page MindED A website for families, children and young people offering advice around children’s mental health.
    Web Page My Mind Cheshire Wirral Partnership Trust CAMHS website with age defined mental health resources and information.
    Web Page NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing NHS website focused on 5 steps to mental wellbeing.
    Web Page Parent’s guide to traumatic stress A webpage describes the causes and symptoms of traumatic stress, with practical advice.
    Web Page The Thrive Approach A website focused on social and emotional development in children and young people.
    Web Page A website focused on school nurture groups with interventions and support.
    Web Page Trauma recovery A website looking at trauma and trauma recovery using the concept of resilience
    Web Page Young Minds A website with practical explanations, advice and resources for families and professionals.
    Web Page Research article on adverse childhood experience and resilience.
    Web Page Research article on adult support in childhood and resilience against adverse childhood experience.
    Video You Tube video introducing the 7 C's Model of Resilience.
    Resources for Adults Description
    Web Page A charity website offering mental health support.
    Web Page Five ways to wellbeing Brief webpage on five ways to wellbeing from New Economics Foundation.
    Web Page Mind A charity website offering mental health information and resources.
    Web Page NHS self help leaflets Useful set of downloadable self help leaflets covering a variety of mental health conditions.
    Web Page Self help services A website offering mental health support, services and opportunities in the North West of England.
  • Motivational interviewing

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    Resources Description
    VideoA Toolkit of Motivational Skills: Encouraging and Supporting Change in Individuals. Catherine Fuller & Phil Taylor: Wiley-Blackwell; 2nd edition (16 May 2008) A book looking at motivational approaches for professionals.
    VideoConnecting Paradigms: A Trauma-Informed and Neurobiological Framework for Motivational Interviewing Implementation. Matthew S. Bennett: Independently published (1 Aug. 2017) This book presents an integrated model including Motivational Interviewing into a practical skillset.
    VideoIntroduction to Motivational Interviewing, Bill Matulich A YouTube video introducing the basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing.
    VideoMotivational Interviewing in Brief Consultations A Youtube video of Motivational Interviewing in brief consultations.
    VideoMotivational Interviewing for Leadership. Jason Wilcox, Brian Kersh & Elizabeth Jenkins: Gray Beach Publishing (16 Jan. 2017) This book focuses on Person-focused tools that help to address ambivalence and engagement.
    VideoMotivational Interviewing in Schools: Conversations to Improve Behaviour and Learning (Applications of Motivational Interviewing. Stephen Rollnick, Sebastian G. Kaplan and Richard Rutschman : Guilford Press; 1 edition (4 Nov. 2016) A teacher's guide to motivational interviewing.
    VideoMotivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice (Applications of Motivational Interviewing. Melinda Hohman: Guilford Press; 1 edition (12 Sept. 2015) A book introducing practitioners to Motivational Interviewing.
    Web PageRoyal College of Nursing: How Motivational Interviewing Works This online module gives an overview of motivational interviewing and providing a 'change toolkit'.
    Web Page5 Principles: Motivational Interviewing Brief summary of five principles of motivational interviewing.
    DocumentMotivational Interviewing Skills & Techniques Quick prompts and reminders
    DocumentMotivational Interviewing Skills Quick prompts and reminders
    DocumentOpen Questions Quick prompts and reminders